Animal Zen provides classes and enriching opportunties for all ages and levels of experience


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Animal Zen Enrichment Room
3101 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Voice/Text: 216-402-6513



  • The first step...

    Work on the fundamentals. Classes are available for the very young puppy, puppies and dogs new to the household, as well as mature dogs that have spent their formative years in rescue situations. Classes include: Puppy and Me; Simon Says; Simon Says Junior; and Shy Simon.

  • Next step forward...

    Hone your dog's basic skills and develop confidence, self-assuredness and focus. Classes include: Playground for Higher Learning; May I Have Your Attention Please; A New Leash On Life; Teen Simon; and Simon Be Cool.

  • A step beyond...

    Work with your dog to develop new skills and have fun at the same time in these special topic classes. Classes include: The Nose Knows; Let Me Get That For You; Hop, Skip and Jump!; Don't Just Sit There — MOVE!; and Being A Model Citizen.

  • Steps for life...

    As your companion animal's caregiver, learn skills to deepen the bond and help them feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Classes include: Hands, Hearts, and PAWS; special topic workshops; and private consultations.